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Flema inglesa

Es una buena costumbre bucear en hemerotecas, porque ahí se nos revela la verdadera naturaleza de las cosas que nos rodean hoy en día. Si queremos profundizar en el conocimiento del mundo actual y del por qué las cosas son como son, no nos queda más remedio que viajar hacia el pasado.

Esto viene a cuento de la llamada Guerra Negra, hecho histórico poco conocido, casi oculto, en el que los colonos británicos exterminaron a la población negra de Tasmania. No se trató de tres granjeros descontrolados, sino de una política de Estado, sustentada y promovida por los poderes públicos, la prensa y toda las capas de la sociedad.

Colonial Times



In conducting a Journal, which is understood to express the general sentiments and wishes of the people, and in some instances, to regulate and lead them, we are occasion- ally obliged to present those subjects to the   attention of our Readers, which the pressing necessity of the case requires, although they may be attended with painful results. It was this feeling which induced us to devote our space in the last two numbers, to the construction and operation of the Council, to the exclusion of our leading article, in continuation upon the political economy of this Government; and it is with the same feeling, that we now beg most earnestly, to draw the attention of all, to the present situation of those poor, wretched, but infatuated savages, the Aborigines of this Island. In devoting a few observations to the cause of humanity — in tracing the dangers to which the Settler must be exposed, and in pointing out a remedy, if possible, we are not only doing our duty, as Christians, but as Men; and if we offer any observations which are entitled to weight, it is also the duty, as we are sure it will be the inclination, of Government, to act upon them.

It would be worse than useless, to show  how different things might have been — it is enough to state things as they are and we find by every day's experience, that the natives are no longer afraid of a white man — that they know, how a gun is fired off, it is useless. From attacking stock-keepers, they now attack huts, and in many instances, the fight has lasted for hours, until by dint of numbers, they have compelled the whites to  retreat. They have tasted the sweets of civilized life, but they have no inclination for the labour of it. They have ceased to fear, and learn to abhor. They look upon the white men, as robbing them of their land, depriving them of their subsistence, and in too many instances, violating their persons.

To discuss a question of this nature, it is necessary to look at naked truths. It is too late to discuss the question, whether they might not have been civilized — they have unfortunately seen nothing but pernicious examples. What intercourse has taken place, has produced only hatred, and revenge, and nothing, but a removal, can protect us from incursions, similar to the Caffrees in Africa, or the back-woodmen, in North America.

We deeply deplore the situation of the Settlers. With no remunerating price for their produce, they have just immerged from the perils of the bush-rangers, which affected their property, and they are now exposed to the attack of these natives, who aim at their lives. We make no pompous display of Philanthropy — we say unequivocally, SELF DEFENCE IS THE FIRST LAW OF NATURE. THE GOVERNMENT MUST REMOVE THE NATIVES — IF NOT, THEY WILL BE HUNTED DOWN LIKE WILD BEASTS, AND DESTROYED!

Having heard the distinctions in law, laid  down by the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court, in the case of Jack and Dick, for murder, we tremble for the consequences to our brother Colonists, on the one hand, whilst we are chilled with horror, with the probable results, on the other. It is impossible to suggest a perfect plan, but having collected the opinions of many intelligent pesons, we are satisfied, that the first thing, is our own security; the second, the due and proper protection to the natives, and last, and least, the expense of the measure to Government. In the first place, they must be removed, either to the coast of New Holland, or King's Island. The latter is one of our Dependencies, fertile, well supplied with water, and no possibility of escape. There are two parties who have committed outrages — the Oyster Bay and the Shannon parties. We would recommend their being taken, which could easily be effected — placed at King's Island, with a small guard of soldiers to protect them, and let them be compelled to grow potatoes, wheat, catch seals and fish, and by degrees, they will lose their roving disposition, and acquire some slight habits of industry, which is the first step of civilization.

If they are put upon the coast of New Holland, they may be destroyed. If they remain here, they are SURE TO BE DESTROYED. If they are sent to King's Island, they will be under restraint, but they will be free from committing, or receiving violence, and we are certainly bound by every principle of humanity, to protect them as far as we can.

We shall hail with joy any measure the Council may devise, to effectually relieve us from this calamity, but they may be assured no half-measures will suffice, and as no one Member of the Council can speak upon this subject, experimentally, we hope they will consult those who can, for it is one common interest binds us all.

*   *   *
Como muestra un botón. Injusto tal vez, pero real. Me permitiréis que cada vez que me cruce con un hijo de la Gran Bretaña, me acuerde de Su Graciosa Majestad, de Philleas Fogg y de Gibraltar.

Lecciones de moral de esta gente, ni una.

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Teseo dijo...

Los malos son los ingleses, los britanos en general semos honrraos y trabajadores.

Los de Tasmania no eran negros, eran aceitunados, que no es lo mismo. Lo vi en la Enciclopedia de primer grado.

No se si te has dado cuenta lo mal que escriben los hijos de la gran Bretaña — IF NOT, THEY WILL BE HUNTED DOWN LIKE WILD BEASTS, AND DESTROYED. Parecen letras extranjeras.

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